The first thing you’ll wear when you wake up. The last thing you’ll wear before going to sleep. Whether it's cold or hot. You're naked or not. When you're wearing something you want to take off, the only thing you’ll want to change into is our robe. Whether you're staying at home or going for a walk. Our robes will fit any of your needs.
Just choose the one - you don't need more.

All you need is less.



lessless is a multifunctional piece, created to fit in any time and place of your life. Wear your lessless on a date, to the beach, to meet your friends or just stay chic at home. The robes can be worn on a naked body, with jeans, with sneakers or heels, even backward, anyway you want, the only rule is to have fun.


Handcrafted from natural fabrics, such as pure linen, silk, and cotton, lessless robes are created with love and thought of your comfort. To create one robe it can take from 8 to 12 hours of handwork.


lessless aims to invoke conscious consumption. We use natural fabrics, pay fair wages, our tags are made of cotton, instead synthetic materials and the packaging can be fully recycled. And last but not least, as an every-wear brand we encourage our customers to buy less, and use one lessless piece in various ways.


Our looks

Take care of your robe

Be gentle, dry cleaning only, no machine wash. Let itstay with you for as long as possible.

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