Responsibility and consciousness 

In the course of the development of our brand we are putting all our efforts into being responsible and eco-conscious: so we are in constant search for ways to be completely sustainable. 

What we have now is:  

Less is more. We strive to create long-lasting designs. We use timeless silhouettes, inspired by the Hollywood dressing gown aesthetics, which are to stay in trend for a long time. Our items are easy-to-wear and  easy-to-style to fit different occasions. 

To ensure the long life of our clothes in your wardrobe we highly control the quality of production and fabrics. 

In our collections we use solely natural noble fabrics which are biodegradable and long-lasting: linen, silk, eco-cashmere and eco baby alpaca. 

Flax, used for linen, grows naturally and requires no additional water other than rainwater, making it the most eco-friendly fabric.

Strong silk fibers make products very durable.

Alpaca wool usage helps avoid the dyeing process and use less chemicals and energy to treat the water used in the alpaca fiber washing process. 

We use eco-cashmere, which is a blend of recycled and virgin cashmere. 

All of our packages are recyclable or produced from recycled materials