We strive to create pieces by taking care of our planet like it takes care of us. In the course of the development of our brand we are putting all our efforts into being responsible and eco-conscious: so we are in constant search for ways to be completely sustainable.

What we have now is:

We create long-lasting designs and support sustainable fashion. LESSLESS items are easy-to-wear and easy-to-style to fit different occasions.

In collections we use solely natural noble fabrics which are biodegradable and long-lasting: linen, Italian silk and eco-cashmere.

Flax, used for linen, grows naturally and requires no additional water other than rainwater, making it the most eco-friendly fabric.

Strong silk fibers make products very durable. We use Italian eco-cashmere, which is a blend of recycled and virgin cashmere. It has five times lower environmental impact than yarn made from 100% virgin cashmere.

For prints we choose digital textile printing which equipment reduce textile waste as well as power consumption, water wastage and ink consumption.

For labels and care labels we use cotton and recycled polyester. All of our packaging is recyclable and partially produced from recycled materials.

We produce our dressing gowns in authentic Ukrainian ateliers, in limited quantities to reduce waste.

We aim to encourage people to have more while taking less from our Mother Earth.

All you need is LESS!