LESSLESS was founded in Los Angeles in 2019 by Ukrainian couple Alya and Tim Gonta. The designs make reference to the dressing gown aesthetics of the Golden Era Hollywood and the minimalism of 90s.

The brand’s collections combine boudoir elegance of a dressing gown with practicality and comfort. LESSLESS items are easy-to-wear and easy-to-style, perfect both for going out and staying in. The inspiration is art and cinema, and its philosophy is founded on respect for ecology. This attitude is expressed in the constant choice of 100% natural fabrics, recycled materials, and conscious production.

LESSLESS is proud to release special artistic lines from season to season, involving notable female painters: Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Alina Zamanova, and Florentina Leitner, whose signature works are translated into prints on silk. Florentina previously worked for Dries Van Notten and exclusively created prints for LESSLESS.

“LESSLESS pays homage to the art of wearing dressing gowns and 90’s minimalism. They’re designed to complement an understated style sensibility punctuated with artful prints by notable female painters”,- as mentioned in FORBES