Working From Home? LessLess Designs Robes That Makes You Feel “Comfortable, Safe, and Sexy”

Posted by Galyna Gonta on

Comfort—fashion’s current byword—doesn’t preclude style, but it’s tricky to strike the right balance between the two in these working-from-home days. Enter LessLess, a one-year-old brand based on the simple robe silhouette, founded by the husband and wife team of Alya and Tim Gonta. The pair met while working in television in their native Kiev, and eloped in California. They operate between the U.S. and Ukraine.

Alya, responsible for design, studied marketing and fashion and worked in media before launching LessLess. The brand name, she explains, refers to the less-is-more idea. “For us,” the designer says, “it’s about conscious consumption; it’s about your inner feeling of yourself. It’s not necessary to buy a lot; you can buy one piece and and style it in many different ways.”

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