Destination Paris. Hedonist guide to secret and sensual Paris by Mashá Cro

Mashá Cro is wearing LESSLESS Desert robe in dark blue and amber


Founder of extremely popular Hotel du Croissant, a provocative blog about enjoying the hedonist side of Paris, Mashá Cro knows the best addresses for aspiring bon vivants. She creates made-to-measure travel guides, organizes walks around secret Paris without tourists and hosts aperitif clubs at her house. Mashá is convinced that the only rule to follow in Paris is to slow down and enjoy: any rush is strictly prohibited. Ah, and never forget do dress well!


Which neighborhood do you live in and why you love it?

That’s a funny question, because in my blog I write only about non-cliché Paris while living in the most touristic area of the 8th arrondissement. I’ve been renting here since 2017, dreaming about moving to Montmartre ever since. Nevertheless, I continue to complain and don’t take any action in that direction: it’s so Parisian. Or maybe I just love the VIII because it’s a perfect starting point for long walks that I adore, and and there are so much it-places, beloved by my  friends visiting Paris.

Coffee, croissants and flowers: your Hedonist’s list of the perfect spots.

I’m a real foodie, so I do care about the quality of my pastry. I love changing places where I take coffee and croissants. Some of my favorite ones are Jojo & Co, Arabica, Sadaharu Aoki andFrench Bastards. France is famous for bad coffee, but you these cafés are a safe choice to get a perfect cappuccino. Sometimes I need atmosphere more than gastronomic perfection, then I become less picky in exchange of a good view.

My favorite florist is my neighbor Eric at 47 rue ponthieu. Sometimes we have dinner together and after a glass of wine he opens his boutique and gives flowers to the girls in the restaurant. I have already made all my friends (or rather their men) fall in love with his signature bouquet of orchids.

For me, the quintessence of hedonism is a Palais Royale. Here you can always see lots of Parisians. I love coming here after a treatment at my favorite Face2une salon, grabbing a coffee at Telescope (Kitsune is more for the tourists). It’s so pleasant to read a book and write texts for my blog here. Afterwards I love heading up or an aperò to the bourgeois La Palette, and then for dinner at Ralph’s or Aux Près: the choice usually depends on the mood and nationality of my friends.

Your favorite secret sights and less-known museums?

That’s a tough question because I love so many things in Paris, and the best thing about the city is its diversity. There’s something for everyone whether one is interested in sports, art, fashion, luxury, politics… you can always find a right place according to your mood and interests. Two of my favorite power places are Musée Rodin and Musée de la vie Romantique.

#Sustainable travel: your conscious tips for visiting the city?

Paris is extremely eco-friendly. Our mayor is a sustainability addict, so most of the people are afraid that she can forbid any kind of non-electric transport in the city one day. There are lots of places with sustainable approach, trying to reduce plastic consumption and recycle where possible. I adore a healthy fast food chain Cojean for their reusable bamboo cutlery.

What makes a perfect apéro in Paris?

Loads of cheese and a baguette. I always say that living in Paris and not eating cheese is like happening to be in bed with Monica Bellucci and turn your back without even trying an approach. 

Of course, confiture (fruit jam) and charcuterie (cold cuts). And the most important, good company and good wine.  

Where to buy excellent oysters?

The best oysters are in Normandy, but thanks God we have our small Normandy in Paris. L’Ecume is a fish shop and a restaurant just in few meters from Saint-Honoré. Here you can find the best oysters in the city. I also highly recommend Saint-Jacques tartar which is so sweet it tastes as a dessert.

Where you can spot the most handsome men?

Jogging areas is a good idea for meeting a handsome and sporty Parisian. So, head up to the parks and quays. Probably the ideal location for men hunt are all the bars and terraces of the city during the game of the French national team or of Paris Saint-Germain. Handsome local fans are very fond both of football and gorgeous girls in boudoir dresses.

Your tips for styling loungewear for the city?

I think that Parisian girls always did it without any problems. Boudoir clothes are so comfortable and sexy, and at the same time they don’t need any additional accessories or fashion details. Just put it on and radiate your seductive vibe. I wear my robe outside in summer with a pair of sandals and a nude bag. And I always tie my hair up: it adds some mystery about the look!